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A website for the Heeschen Family.

b. 11-Feb-1853 & 28-Mar-1860

Diedrich Max and Katherine (Matern) Heeschen

d. 9-Jan-1931 & 20-Jul-1933

Conrad MaxAgnes ElizabethElsa KatherineOttilie DorotheaRichard GeorgeJuliana UlrikaHarry RaimondEdward KarlRobert DiedrichGeorge Matern

Hi. I am Dave Heeschen, Great Grandson of Max and Katherine Heeschen, Grandson of George and Lucille Heeschen and Son of Richard and Therese Heeschen. I have reserved this internet domain for the Heeschen family. Other, more popular domains (.com, .org and .net) have been reserved earlier for the exclusive use of other Heeschens in the United States and abroad.

I have reserved this website to provide a common point of departure for all of the blood relations to Max and Katherine (your last name does not have to be "Heeschen"). I am unable to devote enough time and energy to administer your personal web page but I'll be glad to provide a listing of your name (or other information you wish to share), and a link to your personal web page and email account. Hopefully, this will provide us all with a starting point for family contact, interaction, and information.

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NameInformationWeb Page
Richard E. HeeschenMax & Katherine
  George & Lucille
David R. HeeschenMax & Katherine
  George & Lucille
    Richard & Therese
Michael G. HeeschenMax & Katherine
  George & Lucille
    Richard & Therese
Jeffrey L. HeeschenMax & Katherine
  George & Lucille
    Richard & Therese
George M. Heeschen, Jr.Max & Katherine
  George & Lucille
Russell HeeschenMax & Katherine
  George & Lucille

  Room for more!